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What makes SmartWool the smart choice? It starts with the finest grade of Merino specially selected and treated with the revolutionary SmartWool process. The fibers in one of these socks will contain up to 2,000 porous membranes per inch. When knitted into socks, these tiny membranes create literally millions of microscopic air pockets–the key to thermoregulation (temperature control and evaporation of moisture).

The Merino wool fibers used in SmartWool socks are also longer than other conventional wool sock fibers. This extra length creates a knitted yarn that is itch-free and silky soft to the touch. And, to further assure easy care, the socks are put through a special SmartWool process which removes the microscopic ends of the fibers which are the cause of “shrinkage.” The result is a sock that is guaranteed to be “itch- and shrink-free” and the most luxuriously comfortable sock you can put on your feet.

Finally, the Merino wool fibers used are known for their ability to cushion and retain their “natural crimp.” This results in reduced shock and superior cushioning that maintains its natural shape for many years, unlike synthetics or socks made of lesser quality wool. Guaranteed.

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